Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tutorial @ ICDL-EpiRob2013 about: Language Acquisition and the influence of Action Learning

In this tutorial, we want to focus on language acquisition in human-human and human-robot interaction, especially on the relation to action learning. We assume that there is a strong influence of action performance and understanding in the development of speech acquisition. We will try to approach this topic from different scientific perspectives, especially from the neuroscience, linguistic, psychology, robotics and the speech recognition point of view. Language learning in a social context should not be considered as a one-sided process. We are interested in studying situations from the perspective of both the learner and the teacher. We want to investigate the challenges posed by such complex interaction systems from different research perspectives. Therefore, we offer talks given  by researchers with different backgrounds. We hope to get some ideas to enable a robot to interact with a human in a more natural way so that it can directly learn from a human instruction.

Talks well be given by Katrin Solveig Lohan, Katharina Rohlfing, Angelo Cangelosi, Lars Schillingmann, Giorgio Metta

Reference to the talk by Katrin Lohan
References to the talk by Katharina Rohlfing
References to the talk by Angelo Cangelosi
References to the talk by Lars Schilingmann
Reference to the talk by Giorgio Metta

Katrin Lohan: Keyword detection and learning is supported by action detection
Katharina Rohlfing:
Angelo Cangelosi: Embodied Language Acquisition in the Humanoid Robot iCub
Lars Schilingmann: Synchrony between Action and Language
Giorgio Metta: The motor contribution to speech perception